Conors Shows

May 30th, 10:00pmFALCARRAGHThe Shamrock   David Lyttle Trio
May 31st, 8:30pmBALLYCASTLEBallycastle MaritimeDavid Lyttle Trio
June 1st, 7:30pmCASTLEROCKCrusoesDavid Lyttle Trio
June 2nd, 7:30pmINISHTURKCommunity ClubDavid Lyttle Trio
June 3rd, 4pmKILORGLINK-FestDavid Lyttle Trio
June 4th, 9pmLISDOONVARNARoadside TavernDavid Lyttle Trio
June 5th, 9pmPORTADOWNTown HallDavid Lyttle Trio
June 6th, 9:30pmCLIFDENMullarkeysDavid Lyttle Trio
June 7th, 7:30pmGARVAGHCommunity BuildingsDavid Lyttle Trio
June 8th, 9pmROSNOWLAGHSmugglers CreekDavid Lyttle Trio
June 9th, 5:30pmDERRYBennigansDavid Lyttle Trio
June 11th, 9pmINISHBOFFINDoonmore HotelDavid Lyttle Trio
June 12th, 9pmINISHBOFFINDoonmore HotelDavid Lyttle Trio
June 13th, 8pmFURBOPadraicinsDavid Lyttle Trio
June 14th, 8pmENNISKILLENArdhowen TheatreDavid Lyttle Trio
June 15th, 8pmLETTERKENNYRCCDavid Lyttle Trio
June 16th, 8pmDROGHEDAMcHughsDavid Lyttle Trio
June 17th, 7:30pmRATHLIN ISLANDManor HouseDavid Lyttle Trio
June 18th, 7:30pmRATHLIN ISLANDManor HouseDavid Lyttle Trio
June 19th & 20thLIMAVADYArt Abyss FestivalDavid Lyttle Trio
June 21st, 8pmNARINAnnoraDavid Lyttle Trio
June 22nd, 8pmMOYTomneysDavid Lyttle Trio
June 23rd, 7pmNEWCASTLEParish CentreDavid Lyttle Trio
June 25th, 8pmCARRICK-ON-SHANNONCryansDavid Lyttle Trio
June 26th, 8pmSLIGOSligo Jazz ProjectDavid Lyttle Trio
June 27th, 8pmKILKENNYBilly ByrnesDavid Lyttle Trio
June 28th, 8pmCAPE CLEARCotters BarDavid Lyttle Trio
June 29th, 8pmTRAMORECultural CentreDavid Lyttle Trio
 July 14th,7.30pm DERRYBennigans The Murray Brothers
July 22ndSLIGOSligo Jazz Festival
July 23rdSLIGOSligo Jazz Festival
July 24thSLIGOSligo Jazz Festival
July 25thSLIGOSligo Jazz Festival
July 26thSLIGOSligo Jazz Festival
July 27thSLIGOSligo Jazz Festival
July 28thSLIGOSligo Jazz Festival
August 18th, 8pmDERRYBennigansThe Murray Brothers
August 23rd, 10pmFALCARRAGHThe ShamrockMurray Bros Feat Nick Morgan
Sept 27th, 10pmFALCARRAGHThe ShamrockThe Murray Brothers Trio
October 11th, 10pmFALCARRAGHThe ShamrockThe Murray Brothers Trio
October 18th, 830pmBENNIGANSBennigansThe Murray Brothers
November 15th FALCARRAGHThe ShamrockMurray Bros feat David Lyttle
December 5th CASTLEBARThe ClewBayLucian Gray Trio
December 6thFALCARRAGHFalcarragh Winter Jazz
December 7thFALCARRAGHFalcarragh Winter Jazz
December 8th DERRYBennigansLucian Gray Trio
December 12th EDINBURGHJazz BarDavid Lyttle Trio
December 13thBONESSThe Hippodrome TheatreDavid Lyttle Trio
December 19thMARRACKECHLa Pergola Jazz ClubDavid Lyttle Trio
December 20thMARRACKECHLa Pergola Jazz ClubDavid Lyttle Trio
2020 Shows
February 18thDERRYBennignans Murray Bros feat. Jason Rebello
March 10thDERRYBennigansMichael Kanan Trio
March 11thCASTLEBARLinen Hall TheatreMichael Kanan Trio
March 12thKILORGLINISKMichael Kanan Trio
March 13thMULLINGARMullingar Arts CentreMichael Kanan Trio
March 14thGWEEDOREAmharclann Michael Kanan Trio
March 15thENNISKILLENArdhowen TheatreMichael Kanan Trio
March 24thBARCELONACasa FigariDavid Lyttle Trio
March 25thMARRAKECHLa Pergola Jazz ClubDavid Lyttle Trio
March 26thMARRAKECHLa Pergola Jazz ClubDavid Lyttle Trio
March 27thMARRAKECHLa Pergola Jazz ClubDavid Lyttle Trio
March 28thCASABLANCATBADavid Lyttle Trio
March 29thCASCAISCascais Jazz ClubDavid Lyttle Trio
April 28thKIELCETBADavid Lyttle Trio
April 30thKrakowHarris Piano BarDavid Lyttle Trio
May 1stWARSAWBar and BooksDavid Lyttle Trio
May 8thDERRYDerry Jazz FestivalMurray Bros feat. Andy Middleton